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Hi, I Welcome You To MyStartupBlog(MSB)

My name is Fdshakil, I’m a 21-year-old digital marketer and blogger. I’m Study in Marketing. Below the picture you see, that’s me!

My Startup Blog

Anyway, let’s share my journey with you! It has been a very adventurous journey, While I started my very first blog on BlogSpot back in 2017.

After six months of the writing post, I didn’t get the exact result that I was expecting. Blogspot was a bit complicated for me. After working hard, once I apply for Adsense they deny it some reason. I resolved the issues and apply again for AdSense, got other issues, I was totally frustrated.

Then I realized I need better platforms smarter than Blogspot, and I found WordPress(self-hosted)

WordPress is completely good what I was looking for… But the main issue was it self- hosted, I have to invest money to buy a custom domain and hosting…..Hell, no I had zero money in my pocket. At that time my dad was also admitted into the hospital for surgery, I couldn’t even ask my parents for money…

In that time only things in my mind that I have to start a blog somehow. because I want financial freedom once I graduate. Because I don’t want to go 9-5 jobs after graduation…

Anyway, I need money to buy domain and hosting, I had no money at all, what I supposed to do now?

Then, I asked some of my relatives to give me some money as borrowed, but they refused. Whatever! Finally, I convinced one of my cousins to give money in order to start a blog.

He’s agreed to give me $100, then I bought domain hosting from Namecheap… Actually, I started my first WordPress blog on Namecheap

Then I read lots of tutorials, and explore more about blogging. Then I learned about installing WordPress many more. And I come across a tutorial and start building my site. It was my first amazon affiliate blog.

All set, it’s time to launch and makes money, I thought everything would be good… but after 8 months later when my blog started to grow, Meantime I got an email from amazon. I thought it could be my payment notifications, but it was about the warning to shut down my website.

Why? Because I contain Amazon brand name on my domain.. without thinking anymore I deleted all the stuff on my site… I was completely brock again…And Stop working… 2 months later, I realized that I have to pay back the money that I borrowed from my cousins.

Start again… this time avoid the mistake that I made the first time…Check the everything before I start… it was 4th January 2019 I started another affiliate blog on specifics product…Within 3 months I got my first sale $49 dollars selling a product. I got more motivated and start to apply new strategies and within the first year, I made over $5000 from amazon.

That site still make money passively, and I love helping some of the friend to start a blog and they are making money too… and then I realize that, what I learned from my journey, I should share with the world so that they aware of preventing the mistakes.

For this reason, I build MyStartupBlog on June 18th, 2020 to help people to make successful online…

I have a core mission to teach at least 5000 people to go online and make a passive income…

Throughout my journey, one thing I understand that blogging is not just a blog or website, it’s about business. Continuously we need to improve and care for the blog like a baby…once you treat your blog like Startup, very soon you will be successful…

Note: Not just improve your blog, improve also yourself too…while you grow, your blog will automatically grow..

Here In this blog, I’ll Help You To Grow Your Blogging Career

I started MyStartupBlog because from an early age I was very passionate about Digital marketing. After trying and failing for two affiliate blogs I was brock. Then I start another affiliate blog back in 2019 and it was successful. I got motivated, and now I start pursuing blogging as full time.

That’s why I started MyStartupBlog to teach people how to make money blogging and affiliate marketing. Because of the lessons I’ve learned throughout my journey, it’s worth sharing with the world.

In this blog, I write about:

  • Blogging
  • WordPress
  • Passive Income
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Most Importantly I only write about the stuff that I’ve personally experienced over the years.