Best HostGator Alternatives [EIG and Non-EIG]

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HostGator is a well-known web hosting company. But, many people are seeking HostGator alternatives for a couple of reasons. Whatever reason people want Hostgator alternatives it depends on their purpose. But, still, I do love them, whether, we all know everything has positives and negatives sides. So HostGator is not exceptional, they gain reputation alongside blame too by users. The true fact is that HostGator has over 400,000 customers and hosts 9 million sites around the world. I don’t think they won’t be doing everything wrong.

Anyway, if are you looking for the best HostGator alternatives for your website? Well, I do love to share the Hostgator alternatives with you. After researching I’ve put together a list of the best alternatives for you to host your website.

What to Look for in the HostGator Alternatives?

There are many things to consider when you want to switch to a new host or buying a new host. Below the list will help you find the best one, or read a complete article on how to choose a good web host.

  1. Free Domain
  2. SSL Certificate
  3. Security
  4. Ease of Use
  5. Speed
  6. Customer Service
  7. Pre-Installed WordPress

What Are The Best HostGator Alternatives?

What Are The Best HostGator Alternatives?

BlueHost – Best HostGator Alternatives [EIG]

Bluehost is one of the best WordPress web hosting recommended by When it comes to run a WordPress website BlueHost is #no.1 choice for bloggers and entrepreneurs. Most of the people start their blogging journey with BlueHost on shared hosting. It also stands in the top 10 hosting services in the world with having 2 million websites globally.

The key reason behind the massive popularity of their affordable hosting prices with a Free domain. They offer you a free domain name for one year with each hosting account. But, many companies do not offer a domain even at the same prices. And this makes a big difference.

For their basics plans, you get an enormous 50 GB space, 1 website, unmetered bandwidth. They have a good custom-designed cPanel, free WordPress tools, and 5 email accounts. Also, they are supporting free SSL certificates by Let’s Encrypt which can enable with few clicks. BlueHost has exclusive tools that help you take backups and update your websites securely.

When it comes to technical support that can be reached by live chat, phone, and tickets anytime 24/7 to get immediate help. They also have knowledgebase tutorials and DIY guides. Most interestingly, you get 30 days money-back guarantee if you don’t like them, ask for the full return. In a nutshell, over all BlueHost is the No.1 alternative to Hostgator.

SiteGround– Fastest HostGator Alternatives [Non-EIG]

This Hostgator alternatives list is incomplete without mentioning SiteGround. Over the last two years, SiteGround has become a very reliable host. They ultimate uptime, fast page load, stability, as well as good technical support.

One of the best things about SiteGround you get incredibly fast customer support whenever run into a problem. You can contact them Via live chat, and they will fix your problem within a few minutes. That makes SiteGround better than HostGator is that you don’t have to wait for too long. This is one of the top reasons they are famous for.

The only drawback with SiteGround is their restricted monthly visitor’s policy for each plan . Comparing with HostGator unlimited resources for shared hosting, SiteGround has limited options. For example, the basic plans offered by SiteGround is suitable for 10,000 monthly visitors with 10 GB SSD storage. Also, they offer free Cloudflare, free email accounts, daily backups, and unmetered traffic. Whereas HostGator allows unlimited traffic and bandwidth.

Anyway, All their plans include SSD drives with the latest NGINX, PHP, that make your websites super fast. Currently, I have hosted a couple of sites on SiteGround’s “GoGeek plan” and in the last 10 months. I have never faced any issue of security, speed, or reliability. Till now, the uptime is 100% for most of the months and 99.99% rarely.

InMotion– Best Customer services[Non-EIG]

In my opinion, InMotion is also one of the best HostGator alternatives. InMotion is an independent company, which provides shared, WordPress, Dedicated, VPS Hosting. InMotion is always the best host provider due to its generous offerings and advanced to tech. One of the biggest advantages at InMotion is that they offer all-SSD hosting. Normally, the SSD host boosts the performance of your site. They offer 90 days money-back guarantee but Hostgator offered 45 days and full data backups.

The company offers distinctive plans as compared to the HostGator. All plans provide free cPanel, malware, and spam protection. They are promising into providing reliable, fast, and affordable hosting. if you want also, you can buy domain names from them. When it comes to support, they have an award-winning customer support team. So, if you face any type of web hosting related problems they have got your back within a few minutes.

The drawback of InMotion is prices which are a bit higher than HostGator. But as you notice InMotion offers lots of features that make their plans valuable.

Hostinger– Cheap HostGator Alternatives[Non-EIG]

Hostinger is a cheap and best alternative to Hostgator. Since 2004, Hostinger provides, shared, VPS, cloud, and Windows hosting. It also considered being one of the cheapest hosts that you can find in the market today. At just under $1 a month, users can opt for a shared hosting account to run a single website. It’s hard to believe that they are handling more than 29 million sites of thousands of customers from 178 countries.

They assure you the guaranteed 99.9% uptime and 24-7 customer support. They also have an option 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with their services. We all want good customer support of any web hosting provider, by far Hostinger is known for providing multilingual help. Besides all that, they are quite a good web host than HostGator in many other aspects. I hope it can be used as the next host for your website.

Liquid Web– VPS Alternatives to HostGator[Non-EIG]

Liquid Web is one of the best alternatives to HostGator in terms of VPS host. After testing Liquid Web, I found the service is to be far better and advanced than the HostGator VPS service. Everything is so managed interfaces when it comes to Liquid Web. Furthermore, they offer a lot of advanced features for absolutely free of any cost. while Hostgator charges fees for some of their services.

Comparing the plans, you can understand the real differences between them. They offer unlimited bandwidth, nothing more to explain. SSD disks operate 2x faster thus delivering faster load time for end-users. Also, they offer addons by which extra SSD spaces without moving to higher plans. which completely lacks in HostGator plans.

For every plan, they offer 100% uptime SLA with constant monitoring of servers. The free SSL and Cloudflare CDN integration powered with powerful DDOS protection which makes them one of the best VPS hosts. In a nutshell, Liquid Web is the Cheapest and best alternatives to HostGator VPS.

Kinsta– HostGator WordPress Alternatives[Non-EIG]

Kinsta is another great WordPress Alternative to HostGator. And it offers a fully managed environment with cutting edge technology. They offer simple but powerful tools for both newbies and experienced developers.

With 99.9% uptime and excellent speed makes them one of the most reliable managed WordPress hosting. There also has the advantage of using the Google Cloud Platform through Kinsta. They ensure the most advanced security protocols in the website hosting industry, with full encryption of all your data, all the time. With Kinsta, users can simply rest assured of the perfect hosting for their websites irrespective of their categories.

There is only one drawback to Kinsta, and that is the complete lack of phone support. Their customer service available through a messaging system built into the Kinsta website. This system is fast and reliable, but may not be ideal for people who prefer phone support. Anyway, Kinsta keeps all its interface simple and easy for its users. If you want to move WordPress managed hosting, it’s better to consider Kinsta for your site.

Cloudways -Best Cloud host alternatives to HostGator[Non-EIG]

When coming to cloud hosting services, I found that Cloudways is the best alternatives to Hostgator. They provide managed cloud hosts and well known for their fast and reliable service over the years.

Despite the most advanced features, it still keeps things pretty user friendly and users can easily control their account. Also, it has a very caring and proactive support team and this makes it one of the best HostGator cloud host Alternatives.
Cloudways offers you an extremely fast page loading that includes Advanced Caching, PHP 7, and Cloudways CDN. As your business starts to grow, you can easily scale up your cloud resources with Cloudways as per the need without any downtime.

Cloudways provides support to its users via phone, chat, and emails. My experience with Cloudways is awesome, I’ve been with them for 2 years now. They never let me down, even the site set up also does it for you if it concerned. So, over all, Cloudways is the best alternative to Hostgator.

Final Words: HostGator Alternatives

I have found many articles on the internet that bring a messy list of Hostgator alternatives. I’m not interested to list a large number of HostGator alternatives because my goal here was to provides the best options available to you.

To be clear, my recommendation is based on my experience with them. I have hosted my site with the hosting services mentioned above. The above list is the best alternative to HostGator, Which I have personally experienced with them. These hosting services will provide you the reliable hosting at an affordable price. BlueHost will be the best choice among all the hosting services.

Before switch to other host Read my HostGator Review

Personally, I recommend BlueHost and SiteGround for over all excellent performance, max. uptime, instant help, and SSD storage. Both are awesome. If you have any question let me know in the comment below. Or if you find the information in this article useful, please share it with your friends and colleagues via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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