How to Make Money with ShareASale Affiliate Program 2020

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If you are a new blogger and want to make more money passively then the ShareASale affiliate program is the ideal choice for you. ShareASale is the best affiliate network for beginners and professionals to monetize a blog or website.

With ShareASale Affiliates, you can make $250- $5000 dollars per month even if you’re a beginner. Because, This affiliate network that offers pay-per-lead, pay-per-click, and pay-per-sale programs. Sound pretty, isn’t it!

ShareASale affiliate is one of my favorite program networks because of it has over 3,900+ Marchant with 40 different categories. They have so many programs that every blogger can join in their affiliate programs and pick a merchant according to the niche.

Almost every type of niche or product you can pick in order to promote in your blog. If you have a blog or website, you can easily sign up with the ShareASale affiliate program and make your blog more profitable.

Basically, people who want to learn affiliate marketing and leverage income can join with ShareASale Program. In this ShareASale affiliate program review, you’ll know exactly how to make money with the ShareASale affiliate program. Let’s drive-in!

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the way of earning a commission by promoting other people’s products or services. You find a product, promote it to others, and earn a commission for each sale that you make.

Basically, affiliate marketing consists of three parties that interact with one another. Firstly, Marchant, who plays a huge role in affiliate marketing. This is the party that physically creates the products that will go on sale.

Another key party involved in affiliate marketing is the affiliate publisher. This is a large scale company or can be individual workers. They intermediate between the Marchant and the actual buyers. Naturally, they are the most significant party involved in affiliate marketing.

Finally, there’s the large party of the consumer and the affiliate process completes with the actual consumer. The merchant and affiliate are the key players in the affiliate marketing but without the consumers, it collapsed.

This the way the whole affiliates marketing works. And the Marchant and affiliates are connected by affiliate networks. According to Wikipedia, an Affiliate network is a platform that acts as an intermediary between publishers and merchants.

There are many Affiliate networks out there, like ShareASale, Cj, impact, etc. Let’s find out how you can make money with ShareASale Affiliates.

What is ShareASale and How does ShareAsale work?

Make Money with ShareASale

ShareAsale is a popular affiliate network that has been in business for more than 20 years. Back in 2017, ShareASale was acquired by Awin, but still, the two companies work separately. They constantly improve the program and making both merchants and affiliates happier.

ShareASale is an intermediate Affiliates network that works between Merchants and Affiliates. There are over 3900+ merchants who offer bloggers and marketers to promote their products and earn a commission. They provide very good customer service, efficient tools, and accurate reporting.

There are very lucrative opportunities for international affiliates marketers. For starter blogger to professional the ShareAsale affiliate marketing program is great for them.

How does ShareASale Affiliate Actually work?

Again! ShareASale affiliates is a reputable affiliate program that has been around for nearly 20 years. They mainly offer two types of selling promotion one is Pay per Sale and another is Pay per Lead.

Pay per Lead: In these means, the merchant pays you for the lead. For example, download a software or file, sign-up a newsletter, or any desired actions. If anyone clicks through the affiliate link to the advertiser site and completes the intended work, you will get paid.

Pay per Sale: In this promotion, the merchant will only pay you when you bring sales. If any customer buys a product by clicks the affiliate link then you will be paid according to the affiliate agreement.

There are some great brands you can connect with and make money. By far it is one of the best affiliate marketing programs I have ever used.

What You’ll Need to Sign up with ShareASale Affiliate?

First thing’s first before joining with the ShareASale affiliate program make sure you are eligible for an account.

Here are some few things you’ll need to consider:

  • A website. Make sure to have your own blog at hand!
  • An Email Account
  • A payment method
  • Country( listed country)

If you have all the stuff I mentioned, well done you are eligible to sign up with ShareASale.

Note: if you don’t have a blog or website yet, make check our step by step guide on how to start a WordPress blog in 10 minutes.

How to Sign Up With ShareASale Affiliate Program?

If you want to make more money with the ShareASale affiliate program, then it would be the best decision for you to monetize your blog. Show you how?

Step 1. Go To ShareASale.Com

Make Money with ShareASale

Go to ShareASale in order to Affiliate Sign Up. After that, you have to create your username, password, and select your country name. Be careful while creating the username, because it cannot be changed after you move on to step 2. But your password can be changed when your account will be approved. Once you fill up, click on to next.

Step 2. Primary Website Details

Make Money with ShareASale

Now set up your primary website and answer a few questions that contain on this page. Most of these are pretty straight forward questions, answer them according to your websites.

Step 3. Set up Email

Make Money with ShareASale

Now all you have to do is add your primary email address. Basically there are two options here: Standard and Fast Track.

I recommend fast track options ([email protected]) where you have a high chance to get approved. If you don’t have then simply put your standard Gmail ([email protected]) account. Once you done click on the next step.

Step 4: Contact Information

Make Money with ShareASale

Now add your contact information properly so that they are able to send your payments. Make sure you add your PAYABLE name properly. Fill up all the information according to you.

Make Money with ShareASale

Now fill these two questions, about the incentive programs and own the domain. Make sure to add both options according to your website. Now click next!

Step 5: Payment Method

Make Money with ShareASale

There are three options you can select that are check via Postal Mail, Check via FedEx, or Direct Deposit. Choose the options that are suitable for you! 

Congratulations! you have successfully signed up with ShareASale. Check your email for a confirmation link, click on that link, and follow the directions to verify and finish up your application.

All set for now, the approval process can take between 1-3 days, depending on the type of application you fill out. Once they review your applications, they will let you know via email, that your application has been approved or declined.

How to Choose Merchants To Promote On ShareASale?

Once you’ve been approved, Just log into your Shareasale affiliates account and find the Marchant you wish to promote. There are literally thousands of merchants, I suggest pick one who is relevant to your blog readers.

When you offer relevant something that your reader looking for, there I high chance of selling the products. Now it’s your turn to get the lucrative product and make passive money from affiliate marketing. Let’s see, How to join the Marchant.

Step1. Log into Affiliate Dashboard

ShareASale Affiliates

Once you log in, you look up above; you’ll see different tabs like Reports, Merchants, Links, Tools, Account, and Payments. In order to join click on Merchants -> Search For Merchants. Search the brand name you wish to join.

ShareASale Affiliates

From here you can also browse through the various categories until you find one you like.

Once you have found the merchant you wish to promote, click the Join Program. Some are auto-approved and some are manual, now, you have to wait for the email notifying you of your approval. Once you got approval, then you are good to go promote the product.

How to Use ShareASale Affiliate Links

I hope you have already noticed that ShareASale would like to keep things pretty simple, and creating an affiliate link is no different. In order to create a link click on Links -> Get a Link/Banner from the top navigations menus:

 ShareASale Affiliates

To start promoting a product or services, you’ll need to add a link or banner to your blog or websites. Go to the Links sections and click Get a link/banner. You’ll see a list of approved merchants, now select the merchant you want to promote and click Get links.

There are three best ways you can get a link, like Text Links, Banners, Create Customer Link, etc. Whatever, the method you like, to get links to click “Get HTML Code” and you will see the link that looks quite ugly (as in the screenshot below).

ShareASale Affiliates

Note: To shorten the ugly link and make it looks more professional, use Thirsty affiliates (a free WordPress plugin to organize your Affiliate links).

As an example, this is my Grammarly affiliate by using the plugins to clean it up: You see it’s looking more professional now.

Once you’ve created the affiliate link, you can place it on your blog post or website. The process will be the same as adding any other affiliate links to your blog. Simply select the Anchor words and paste the link that you’ve created.

How to Make Money With ShareASale Affiliates

Here are a few techniques that I use to promote the merchants on ShareASale affiliates and make money online:

1. Write a How-To Guide, Review, or tutorials

There is no doubt that How-to guides perform better than any other post you can publish on your blog. Why I’m saying this? Writing tutorials you are not only showing your expertise in a particular product also you are helping your readers.

Instead of just telling readers how to value your product is, you will show them exactly how to use it and why it’s best for them.

While you help your readers, you are likely to make more sales and more revenue. Unlike you just recommend a product without showing your readers how to use it.

For example, I use Namecheap for over 3 years now, And I’ve written a step-by-step guide about how to start a blog on NameCheap.

Your readers will trust you more with a tutorial because it’s proof that you are not just promoting the product but you have used it as well. This is the way affiliate works, the more people trust you, the more you sell products, and the more revenue you gain.

2. Create Your Own Resource Page on Your Blog

No matter how small your blog, create your own resource page. This is another great way to promote affiliate products so, do not hesitate to add a resource page. And it performs well because whoever is reading your blog they are interested in knowing what you are using, it probably ends up making a purchase.

For example, I started using Tailwind because Arfa of Shemeansblogging recommends it and it’s listed on her resource page. Does it make seans, go and list all products you use or recommend, make sure to add your affiliate links?

3. Use Banners on Widgets

Aside from the text links on your blog post, make sure to add some banners of your sidebar. The widgets on your blog will obviously boost visibility and have a chance to click.

In order to Add banners, go to your ShareASale dashboard, click links >> Get banners >> select merchant you want to promote. You can also add a banner within your blog post.

4. Social Media Marketing

You can also promote your affiliate’s product on social media. Like says, you are not writing a blog post last couple of days, but you still earn commission while you share the product on social media.

As an example, Pinterest, You can pin and you pin can make money without writing any post. All you have to do is, create a stunning pin, and add your affiliate link instead of adding the blog URL.

Sound crazy isn’t it, So Start promoting your ShareASale Affiliates products on Pinterest. Make sure to follow me on Pinterest.

5. Email Marketing

If you have an email list, then you can take advantage of your subscriber. Let’s say, you have 1000 subscribers, you email them per week and affiliate offer included, I’m sure you make at least 2% Conversion each email. Does it make sense to you?

So take advantage of your email subscribers. If you haven’t started building your email list, don’t make a foolish decision, Start from the first day.

Bonus Tips

Making money via Affiliate Marketing is all about choosing the right products wisely. Do not play around and confuse yourself, find the merchants or products according to your niche.

For example, I am writing articles about Blogging and Making money online on this site. And I have to promote a product that related to my niche, like blogging tools, Hosting, Themes instead of irrelevant products.

I recommend you browse the category to see all merchants that related to your topics or niche. Once you find a company, check all the details of the affiliate program. Before you join make sure that the product has demand and your readers might get benefits from it. Explain it properly to your readers and your words they will listen because they already trust you.

Do not promote an irrelevant product that your readers will regret and hate you later on. For example, I use Tailwind to handle my Pinterest on schedule. And I got the benefits, I think my readers or fellow blogger get benefits too. If I mention Tailwind that I use, they are also ready to use it.

Also, you have to see the commission structure is 15.00% Per Sale. I will be paid 15.00% Per Sale commission if anyone starts using Tailwind from my affiliate link.

The reason why I am promoting Tailwind is, I am also using it for my blog and I am happy with it and it worth using. Below some of the programs, you can promote if you have the same niche as me.

I hope you understand what type of product you should promote. Don’t be greedy about the commission, just focus on the value of your readers.

Final Words

Becoming a ShareASale affiliates doesn’t guarantee that you make passive income.

Why am I saying this? Because the fact of the matter is, you can partner with hundreds of Affiliates programs but still not earn a penny. It’s because, How much money you can make it all depends on the strategies you apply to promote the products.

To be honest, how much money you make from ShareASale it all depends on what you’re going to do after becoming an affiliate.

That’s matters and that’s guarantees you to make passive money, try everything, I hope you will definitely get the best results of ShareASale. If you haven’t get started with ShareASale then join here (Join ShareASale) and start to monetize your blog today.

I hope you enjoy this Article

If you have any problem or question following this tutorial, then share in a comment below.

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FAQ’S: ShareASale Affiliate Program

What is ShareASale Affiliates?

ShareASale is an intermediate affiliate network that works between Merchants and Affiliates. They Solving both problems for Marchants and Affiliates.

How Does ShareASale Affiliate programs work?

Basically, ShareASale mainly works in two types of selling promotion one is Pay per sale, and another is Pay per Click.

Is ShareASale safe?

Yes, it’s totally safe. It is a huge affiliate network program with nearly 20 years in the business, which means it is not a scam.

Do you need a website for ShareASale?

Yes, you need a website or blog during the registration process. Almost every affiliate program you do require a blog or website to register?

What are some alternatives to ShareASale?

There’re hundreds of affiliate marketing programs out there. However, the most notable (in my opinion) are CJ, Clickbank, Rakuten, and impact

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